Black Ops First Strike DLC released for the Microsoft Xbox 360


Games Official: Call of Duty is getting better by the day, especially after the Black Ops First Strike DLC has been released on the Xbox 360 gaming console. The First Strike Map Pack is officially available on the web and can be downloaded on the gaming console itself. Major Nelson has clarified about the Black Ops First Strike DLC, for there are many reports of downloads coming up from UK.

Nelson announced, “”First Strike map pack will be available after 9a ET/6aPT/1400 GMT. It may show up earlier but… The First Strike Pack is tied to the language of your Call of Duty:Black Ops Disc”. He has made it quite clear the map pack is actually available in various languages, so one can download it as per their own comfort.

More details regarding the download show, if one download’s the map pack on the Xbox dashboard, it will appear to be working or else there could be some issues. The DLC should cost around 1200 MP and contains the maps of Stadium, Kolwoon, Discovery and Berlin Wall.