Sony PlayStation 3 Games can be saved online soon


Games Official: As per the reports published by Kotaku, Sony is currently working on a special feature for the PlayStation 3 gaming system. One can soon start saving games online from the device, which means a cloud service for the PlayStation should be around the corner. Cloud services is quite common these days, as one can easily store up information and data in a giant pool online and recover it any time they want.

It will be the first device in the market which will show off this feature, and it will surely produce envy among its competitors. The data saved online can be retrieved by connecting any computer to the internet, and this way the games can be played anywhere.

One will need to make a PlayStation Network Profile, where it could be used to save data or games online, then retrieve it by using their user name and password. Even if one is out of town or country, one will need to login to a computer and start playing their saved online PlayStation 3 games.