US armed forces look for video game to train servicemen


The United States armed forces are trying to make the virtual training being used for new recruits more exciting. According to reports, the the Navy and the Army are looking for games to feel more like a real-life situation, rather than the simulation being used currently by them.

Games like Call of Duty are quite realistic, they even look and feel better than what the armed forces are using currently. According to Brian Waddle, who is the vice president of sales for Havoc said that the soldiers playing the simulations do not take them very seriously, because they are playing games at home that feel more real. He went on to say that the industry should move past code that has been there for a while now.

There is a lot of money up for grabs for anyone with a potential solution to the problem. There is USD 44.5 million over a period of five years up for grabs for a first-person shooter game that has huge multi-player capability. The new game is set to replace Virtual Battlespace 2, which has been developed by Bohemia Interactive.

There are also three separate contracts of USD 100 million available for specialized training software for sailors. With this news, it looks like the recent debate about violence in video games is being taken seriously by the US Army and Navy, as they look to take advantage of the perceived improvement in skill that could be achieved by playing these games.