Sony to launch new gaming console in Feb 2013


Sony is likely to showcase its PlayStation 4 at a special event that the company will be holding at the end of February 2013.  Not only would would the new device have updated features from PlayStation 3 to enhance its customer’s experience, it will  also have a move-motion gaming accessory added on.

According to Don Reisinger, a technology and video game columnist, Sony is trying to catch up with the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect by incorporating the motion-sensor aspect into the new console.  He believes that the quality of the console might take a beating as a result, which would impact the company’s image. This happened when Sony tried to overtake its competitors by introducing a Move controller, which did not fare well. The tech company has a good reputation, which means that its customers expect nothing but the best.

Reisinger does not believe in Sony trying its hand at everything.  He is of the opinion that the company should stick to their guns and try and deliver products that beat Nintendo at the quality level. Don adds that the motion gaming is a gimmick and that gamers lose interest after an initial period of attraction.

If Sony are to lead the gaming world, they will gave to go down the path of developing better hardware, a ploy that once had it sitting at the top of the pyramid with its PlayStation.