XBox 720 and PS4 potential specs compared


Rumors in the world of video games continue to grow, the latest being the specifications of Microsoft’s Xbox 720 and Sony’s Playstation 4. According to industry sources, the upcoming PS4 (code-name: Orbis) allegedly has a higher clock-rate in addition to faster RAM, while the Xbox 720 (codename: Durango) features more CPU cores and a faster RAM.

If the specifications are to be believed then there is very little difference when it comes to the power of the two consoles. Let us take a closer look:

Xbox 720 – Durango

The console features an AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core CPU and an AMD 8000 series GPU. It also features 8 GB Ram DDR3, out of which 1.5 GB of RAM is likely to be reserved for the operating system.  What this means that the clock for the Xbox 720 is quite slow, but has more cores in its CPU. It definitely has a lot of RAM but when you look at it from an overall perspective, the RAM is still slow. The DDR3 RAM is generally good for multitasking. The new console is supposedly based around Windows 8.

PS4 – Orbis

The latest rendition of PlayStation will feature an AMD x86 3.2GHz APU Solution with four cores (two core pairs). It will also feature an AMD 8000 series GPU solution (which will most probably be a combination of CPU and GPU elements on a single chip). The RAM would be a GDDR5 (2-4 GB).

The PS4 has a higher clock-rate, but the cores for the CPU are less. It also uses an APU solution (CPU + GPU). It does have lesser RAM as compared to the Durango, but since it uses a GDDR the overall performance will be smooth.