Professional video game players being hired to take down gaming characters


Video games are quite addictive. Once you’re hooked onto a game with a stellar story line you will most definitely play the game for countless hours. So what happens when a father gets fed-up of his son’s gaming obsession? He hires ‘hit-men’ or assassins to take down his son’s character in a game.

It appears to be a bit eccentric for parents to go to such lengths to curtail their children’s obsession with games. However,  a certain Mr. Feng from China, who was tired of his son Feng Junior’s disobedience and erratic behavior hired assassins to finish his sons character in a video game.

Feng junior was not doing well in school and neither was he getting employed, but he did consider himself to be fairly proficient in the gaming department. This was quite obviously frustrating for his father and hence he decided to make the move to kill his sons gaming character.

Feng Senior assumed that if these hired characters would continuously smite Feng Junior’s characters, he would get bored of the game and quit playing. This unfortunately did not happen. Feng Junior did not take his eyes off the game and still continued to play.

Although not much is known of the final result, this incident has opened people’s eyes to the fact that professional ‘hit-men’ can now be hired to play games on your behalf. This points to the fact that a lucrative business opportunity awaits for many who are so inclined.