Microsoft May Launch The Xbox 360 Kinect On Windows Soon


Games Official: Microsoft may soon bring its latest innovation in gaming technology, the Xbox 360 Kinect on the Windows platform very soon. The company has managed to sell more than 8 million devices into the market in just two months of its release. Now there is a strong urge to bring this device on a completely different platform, the Windows operating system.

The company will release a driver support for this motion sensor gaming device, and in addition to that it will also have an SDK or a software development kit. These gadgets should be in the market within a couple months, and it will allow the device to run on a Windows based platform with ease.

As the Xbox 360 Kinect becomes Windows based, game developers will start working on games which will be portable on the Kinect that could be played on Windows. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has spoken about this innovation, but has not disclosed the time frame when the device is launched. It will easily get compatible with the next generation Windows and the current Windows 7 OS.