Nintendo Has No Plans For The 3DS Lite Gaming Console


Games Official: Japanese games device manufacturer, Nintendo has no plans for its 3DS Lite hand held gaming console. As of now, the company says, it has used all its top of the line technology in manufacturing the 3DS device, which was showcased at the CES 2011. Nintendo has pulled its hands up, and states the customers too should not expect a new hand held to be launched in the near future.

The Nintendo 3DS has become the first hand held gaming console which has featured 3D effects while gaming, which can be experienced without the use of the 3D glasses. The DS Lite was an engineering marvel from Nintendo and it was launched some 15 months after the launch of the DS device.

The 3DS here is whole new subject, and it is expected to bring waves in the hand held games market. As the Japanese manufacturer says, it has no special plans for the 3DS Lite, expectation should be less for its launch.