Call Of Duty: Black Ops Officially Available On Xbox 360


Games Official: The recent update of Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer game, has now made it more compatible for the Xbox 360 gaming device. The patch 1.06 was available, by which the user could use the game on the PlayStation 3, a similar patch is now available for the game, so it could get compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360.

As the patch is released, there are no doubts it will do very well in the market, as the Xbox 360’s market is quite huge. Call of Duty on the other hand is a game which is one of the most played around the world, and the patch will provide an adequate fix for online multi-players on the device.

The game is now fine tuned to a certain level and developed into a better gaming station, as one achieves a full kill rate, he can place an opponent into Second Chance and the opponent then dies. There are number of tweaks made on the game, so it can get more exciting while played on the Xbox 360.