PlayStation Pocket 2 ‘NGP’ Will Be An Affordable Device


Games Official: The Sony PlayStation Pocket 2, which is codenamed ‘NGP’ is reported to be an affordable device, and should cost around $599. As it was supposed, the device will not be as expensive as it could be, and there are reports which show the Wi-Fi version of this device too will be out very soon. Several gaming websites have asked the company officials about the upcoming device and what will its specification be.

Initial reports showed, the hand held gaming device, PSP2 is a Quad Core gadget. When compared, many have suggested, the price of this device is a bit on the higher side, as the Nintendo 3DS hand held gaming console is priced at a low $250, less than half of PSP2’s price.

Sony does know the device is costing $599, but later the prices should certainly come down. They have emphasized, the Wi-Fi model will be out soon, along with the 3G feature too. In addition to this, it will have the OLED screen, which of course dont come cheap at all, may be that is the reason why it will costs so much.