Sony Launches PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.56 Update


Games Official: Sony has launched an update for its top of the line gaming console, the PlayStation 3, as the company released the firmware 3.56. The new update has come up with some minor fixes, which has been done by keeping some security features in mind. Everyone is hoping the latest update will provide the PlayStation with better security levels compared to the previous ones.

The PSP2, too has been in the news and there is a massive search taking place on internet in context to this latest hand held device. The PlayStationPocket 2 is scheduled to launch in the coming few weeks, and is expected to make massive sales.

The PlayStation 3 will get itself equipped with some news keys, especially after the device had been hacked and the security keys were published on the web. What has become worse is, the hackers have already found these keys before they could be launched in the update. As of now there are no comments from Sony in context to the release and its hack.

Source: LazyGamer