Console gaming to reduce to niche market – Trip Hawkins


Game publishing giant ‘Electronic Arts’ founder Trip Hawkins feels that video game consoles will soon lose their popularity. Trip Hawkins has also founded The 3DO Company as well as Digital Chocolate, which was an early social and mobile game development company.

Hawkins spoke about how console gaming will always be a part of the video game market and that it will always be a hardcore segment. He said that console gamers like innovation and they are always going to be around, however their numbers may decline in years to come; numbers may reduce to a point where console gaming would be considered to be a hobby rather than a mainstream activity.

The Silicon Valley entrepreneur felt that the console game market was going to be a very niche one in the future, similar to how airplanes are operated by a few people, but used widely as a mode of transport.

Hawkins went on to say that earlier he used to go down to the basement in his house to play games such as ‘Grand Theft Auto’, but nowadays people have access to games everywhere. Using Facebook games as an example, he spoke about how gamers can now use a browser to play games at work, at home or in a hotel, as long as they have access to a PC.

Trip went on to say that he sees tablets, mobile phones and PC’s to be the future of gaming.