Microsoft announces Halo Armor for Presidential Debates


In keeping with the electoral spirit, Microsoft has announced that any gamer who watches the presidential debates for at least 30 minutes via their Xbox Live 360 stands to win new Halo Avatar armor. Vice Presidential and Presidential debates are scheduled to start this week and will lead up to the United States election next month.

For gamers to be eligible for the Halo Avatar armor, they must sign up for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards program and watch at least three out of the four debates for at least 30 minutes. All coverage will be available on the Xbox Live Election 2012 Hub and will air on October 3rd at 9pm EDT as well as October 11th, October 16th and October 22nd at the same time.

Gamers will be able to receive the required codes for the Halo armor via email or other sources around November 1st. The Republican and Democratic National Conventions were streamed over the summer on the Xbox Live Election 2012 Hub; voters could also register for voting on the hub as Microsoft had partnered with Rock the Vote. The hub also features regular Obama and Romney campaign coverage.