Blizzard Entertainment releases Overwatch season update


Game developer Blizzard Entertainment has released Overwatch’s Christmas event. The teaser of the update was released last week and has more skins and excitement for the gamers.


Unlike the previous seasonal events, the Winter Wonderland takes place of the standard loot box with winter one that provides a chance to unlock the new items. The new update includes emotes, voice lines, player icons, highlight intros, victory poses and more. The makers have also released a trailer of the new update which has shown a few of the new features.
The gamers will receive a free icon and loot box for just logging in. Again there is an event specific Brawl mode. On Ecopoint Antarctica, Mei’s Snowball Offensive pits two teams of six against each other, with everyone playing Mei, who wields a snowball gun. The gamer can shoot only a single time before it needs to be reloaded at a pile of snow on the map. The goal is to beat the enemy team three times and the rounds are single elimination.
The features do not end here as there is also a Winter Mystery brawl where your character is randomly selected every time the gamer respawn. The Hanumura and the King’s row have been decorated for the holiday season. Winter Wonderland is available till January 2, 2017. The new Christmas-themed items can be unlocked before then and will be able to continue using them throughout the year.

Photo Credits: mic