New teaser of Watch Dogs 2 features Easter Egg


Open World Action – Adventure video game Watch Dog 2 is due to be released in a few days. Meanwhile the footage of the game has already hit online. The interesting part is that the game appears to have an Easter Egg that might have a reference to the new Ubisoft game or might mean nothing at all.


Reports say that the focus of Watch Dog 2 is to grab the attention of the players for the unannounced game from Ubisoft. The San Francisco office of Ubisoft is actually in the game that explains how it might be able to work. The title of the game appears to look like a space game that Ubisoft will announce at the E3. Reports say that the Watch Dog 2 is a game about hacking so this can prove to be a smart move from the game company to grab some attention.
Jonathan Mori, the creative director said that the Watch Dog 2 has a number of Easter Eggs to be discovered and this could be one of them. Ubisoft is all set to launch the game on November 15, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft said that they took two extra weeks of extra development time for the PC version so that they could polish the game more to ensure the game runs well on a range of hardware.
Yves Guillemot, the Ubisoft CEO said that the pre-orders of Watch Dogs 2 were lower than they had expected but the management pointed out that the pre-order numbers do not matter anymore as they are no more important as they used to be. Guillemot added that the pre-orders are not as high as we thought they could be but felt that the experience is a fantastic and feel that the game will do very well.
Photo Credits: wccftech