PlayStation Plus offers free games for March


PlayStation Plus subscribers can have a month full of free video games. This time it is a suite of games out of which most of them are titles. There are free games on various PlayStation systems including PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

PS plus

Some of the interesting games which can be downloaded include Abe’s Oddysee New n Tasty, Valian Hearts: The Great War, Papo & Yo, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood and Counter spy. Counter spy is one of the smaller games that not many people would think of playing.

It is a stylish spy game which has received mixed reviews and might prevent some to purchase the game during the launch. OlliOlli 2 is a 2D skateboarding game and has already become popular. Some experts have rated it a 9/10. Everyone loves Sherlock Holmes but not much has been said about it so far.

Papo & Yo is one of those interesting games which tells a story of a young boy Quico and his best friend Monster. Quico plays with the monster despite it being scary with razor sharp teeth. The friendship with the monster can be improved through solving puzzles. The only problem here is whether everyone will have ample disk space to download all the free games on PS.

Photo Credits: gamelove