Developer combines Xbox 360 and Xbox One in The Xbook Duo


Solving the backward compatibility issue, developer combines Xbox 360 and Xbox one in The Xbook Duo.

A developer, popular for developing modifications of gaming systems, has come up with a modification that combines the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The laptop is being called The Xbook Duo and it has the capability to run Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on the system with a touch of a button. The developer, Edward Zarick has previously created mods like the Xbook One and the Playbook 4.

The Xbook Duo

However, the bad news is that The Xbook Duo is only a working prototype and will not be sold in the market to users. On his website, Zarick explains how he created the device and how it works. The laptop has a 22-inch Vizio monitor that will facilitate on-the-go gaming. Meanwhile in the CPU, the Xbox One component is to the right and the Xbox 360 component is to the left.

The console mod requires one power cable and an HDMI output from both boxes to run into an HDMI switcher, which is connected to an external monitor. One drawback of the system is that individual controllers are required to play on the system. So an Xbox One controller will only work with an Xbox One game and likewise for the Xbox 360.

While Xbox 360 games do not work on the Xbox One, Microsoft had announced earlier this month that it may be releasing a solution to this problem soon.

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