Sony’s PS4 gets new 1.75 update with 3D Blu-ray support


3D Blu-ray support, featured content and much more as Sony’s PS4 gets new 1.75 update.

Sony decided to upgrade its PlayStation 4 with an updated system software version – 1.75 – on July 29, 2014. The latest move entails that Sony’s PS4 will now support 3D Blu-ray movies, but that’s not it, the console has also received a few more new features and updates.

PS4 sony update 1.75

Users have been demanding for Sony to introduce the 3D Blu-ray support feature on its PS4 for long now, so it comes as no surprise that the company has finally decided to make its loyal fan base happy. Though it was always considered odd that the PS3 was enabled with the 3D Blu-ray feature and not the PS4. Well, better late than never.

Apart from the 3D Blu-ray option, the most significant other update is that of the new ‘Featured Content’ option in the automatic downloads and uploads section of the system’s settings. This new feature entails that “featured content” will automatically download onto your system whenever the PS4 is turned on or kept on standby mode.

However, it remains unclear what the nature of this content will be and whether or not there will be any limit on how much content will be automatically downloaded.

The other two minor feature alterations are –

  • System notifications will now be visible on the top left as opposed to the upper-right corner.
  • There is an improvement in audio quality for those who like to watch TV shows and films at triple speed i.e scan to the right point. So you can now watch DVD’s and Blu-rays at 1.5x speed with improved sound quality.

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