Dark Souls 2 PC launch postponed in UK to May 2, 2014


Japanese video game company From Software’s action role-playing video game Dark Souls 2’s PC launch will continue on time, however, it has been reported that the title’s release in the UK will be delayed for one week. Bandai Namco UK confirmed to the press on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 that emails from the UK-based retailers which suggested that Dark Souls 2 orders in the country have been delayed until May 2, 2014 are indeed correct.

Dark Souls 2 PC launch postponed in UK


A representative for Bandai Namco said in a statement, “It will be delayed unfortunately and we apologize to UK customers. This is due to a manufacturing issue with packaging. To confirm, this will only affect the UK boxed launch.”

It has been reported that the PC version of the highly-anticipated game set in an open world environment will allow tweaking many graphical options, such as shadow quality, texture resolution, model quality, effects and motion blur.

When it comes to the console version of Dark Souls 2, the title managed to make quite an impression, as its layers of depth, as well as massive scope for discovery, community and challenge created a gaming event which will be referred to over and over again in the upcoming years.

Dark Souls 2 is scheduled to be released in other markets on April 25, 2014.

Photo Credits: GameFreaks