Hitman GO to be released on iOS devices on April 17, 2014


Video game developer and publisher Square Enix Montreal is getting ready to launch Hitman GO – its stylized turn-based assassination game – on iOS devices on April 17, 2014. The upcoming title is the popular studio’s first completed project and it abstracts the series’ stealth mechanics into a number of tile-based maps that are incorporated in the style of diorama kits.

Hitman GO to be released on iOS devices on April 17, 2014

The Hitman franchise’s official website stated that Hitman GO will be priced at $4.99 or £2.99 or €4.49 and Android versions of the title are scheduled to be released ‘shortly after’. The soon-to-be-released game will feature 68 unlockable levels and one of them is said to be inspired by Hitman: Blood Money’s “Curtains Down” level.

Moreover, Square Enix Montreal released its own statement, which read, “We had total creative freedom to explore this and see what we could come up with – something separate to the AAA game that is being developed at [IO Interactive], but something which still retained the essence of what a Hitman game is.” The studio went on to explain that this was a lot of fun and that they made a decision to develop something very different, as well as unexpected.

Meanwhile, another Hitman title which has been in development at the studio was reportedly nixed back in January 2014. Square Enix did not deny these reports and stated that AAA Hitman title is still in development at IO Interactive.

Photo Credits: Joystiq