Mojang announces 100 million users of Minecraft PC


Markus “Notch” Persson, the founder of Swedish independent video game developer Mojang has announced that the PC version of its highly popular sandbox indie game Minecraft has reached 100 million registered users. This means that there are 100 million people who have created their free Minecraft accounts, which is a necessary step in downloading the game’s demo from the developer’s official website.

Mojang announces 100 million users of Minecraft PC

In addition to that, Persson has announced that Minecraft has managed to achieve a “14.3% conversion rate to paid accounts”, which means that approximately 14.3 million of registered users decided to purchase the entire game.

The developer had revealed that its popular game had sold 13 million copies by the end of December 2013, as well as 14 million copies by February 3, 2014. These numbers suggest a significant rate of sales for Minecraft, which was launched back in November 2011.

Moreover, Mojang recently revealed sales of 10 million copies of the game’s Xbox 360 version, in addition to 1 million copies of the PlayStation 3 version. The developer also announced that the PS3 version of the game reached the million milestone after being on sale for only five weeks. The developer announced its plans for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Vita versions of Minecraft in August 2013.

Photo Credits: OmniTechNews