Latest patch for Gran Turismo 6 offers new cars, features


Japanese video game development studio – subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment – Polyphony Digital has announced that the newest patch for its highly popular racing game, Gran Turismo 6 will be adding four brand new cars to the already car-filled game, including the Corvette Stingray GT Concept ’13, Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT Racing Series, as well as two separate Gran Turismo, which will be exclusive cars sponsored by Red Bull.

Latest patch for Gran Turismo 6 offers new cars, features

The latest patch – which is version 1.04 – will also have plenty of other updates, such as an updated list of prizes which have been earned during the season, in addition to a small – but fun – feature that will enable users to enter their date of birth and in turn offer them a free car which was made around the time they were born in real life.

This patch for Gran Turismo 6 also allows players to remove the Ghost Replay button found in Arcade Time Trial mode.

Gran Turismo 6 – which had its debut on December 6, 2013 – has been praised by many as the best title in the Gran Turismo series so far. With the latest patch – and others to come in the future – the studio behind the popular racing game is certainly going to do its best in order to continue producing content that will match the standard of excellence set in Gran Turismo 6.

Photo Credits: TrustedReviews