Microsoft’s Xbox One users report leaking issues?


American multinational corporation Microsoft and its next-gen console, the Xbox One are in the news again, as some users are complaining of their devices leaking some kind of white liquid, which is believed to be the thermal compound that normally remains between the chip and heat-sink. However, in order for this to leak out, the complete assembly of the popular console would have been inferior.

Xbox One leaking issues

CynicalAnarchy – one of the users who are experiencing this issue – posted some images of its Xbox One online and a white residue can be clearly seen on the vent. The user explained that he takes a relative good care of his console and that he has only placed his controller or the mic on top of the next-gen device.

He wrote, “I haven’t spilled anything on it and the oily stickiness you see in the pictures is me trying to wipe it up earlier in the week, hoping the problem went away. I’ve read a few off the comment on the sites saying I’m a fake or a troll cause they don’t see any Xbox one games on my recent games, Both AC4 and BF4 are Xbox one games, the only ones I have.”

Meanwhile, one N4G user suggested that this could be a capacitor on the motherboard, as they can sometimes leak fluid. Microsoft did not comment on this issue yet.

Photo Credits: GameSpot