Microsoft addresses Xbox One connection issues


American tech giant Microsoft has addressed the latest customer reports which stated that online services for its next-gen console, the Xbox One have encountered occasional outages. After the highly anticipated device has been launched in Australia and Europe, its online services, as well as the official Xbox website have dealt with periodic connection problems.

Microsoft addresses Xbox One connection issues

The company has acknowledged the issues and while online services of Xbox One have been restored, Microsoft informed players that the cause of the problem is currently under investigation. A representative for Microsoft said, “Microsoft can confirm that all online services have been restored. We are investigating the root cause of the disruption and will continue to keep customers updated as information becomes available.”

Xbox One will be launched in Australia, Europe and North America on Friday, November 22, 2013. A retailer from Australia has issued a warning to its customers, stating that stock of the next-gen console is quickly diminishing leading up to the holiday season and has advised Xbox fans to move fast in order to acquire their console.

In the meantime, Phil Harrison, the Microsoft corporate VP has talked about challenges which the company will encounter in an attempt to meet massive demand in the period before Christmas.

Photo Credits: Edge-Online