YouTube app for Xbox One to be available at launch


US-based multinational software corporation Microsoft is ready for the release of its highly anticipated next-gen console, the Xbox One and the company has confirmed that the YouTube app for its latest device will be available to users at launch. The new voice-controlled video app will – as it was expected – offer complete access to videos up to 1080p and categories and subscriptions will also be available.

YouTube app for Xbox One to be available at launch

The Kinect-enabled application will also allow users to be in control of their videos by saying ‘YouTube’ while the app is open, in addition to commands that will enable them to play, pause or fast forward. Players will also be able to experience motion gestures and they will be allowed to scroll through and choose videos, without the need to press buttons on the controller.

Meanwhile, the next-gen console’s Snap mode will not be supported at day one, but users can expect an update in the upcoming months. The Xbox One’s YouTube application will be offered to users in all launch markets where both Xbox One and YouTube are available, excluding New Zealand, Austria and Ireland, but it will become available there as well in the next few days.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is scheduled to be released in North America and select European countries on Friday, November 22, 2013. For the time being, the company did not announce release dates for the postponed markets.

Photo Credits: Dvice