Sony NGP gaming console may cost less than £200 in the UK


Games Official: The Sony NGP gaming console may cost less than £200 in the UK, but these are mere guesses, for the 3DS will be priced less than £200. These assumptions are being placed only for the fact, that Sony could lower the price of the device to compete against Nintendo. ShopTo’s marketing executives state, the customers are quite interested in the NGP and thus they are going ahead to pre order it.

According to ShopTo, they expect the NGP and the 3DS to be in the sub £200 price tag, which will surely make the competition more exciting. Other marketing executives expect the NGP to be around £200 and £300 price range which even sounds quite practical.

The NGP will feature Wi-Fi facility and other new goodies on the device, including connecting with the PS3 as a game controller. The Nintendo 3DS on the other hand has 3D feature, which is unavailable on any other device anywhere, and thus it makes this device unique.

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