Nintendo 3DS gaming console selling for less than $300 in the Australian market


Games Official: The Nintendo 3DS gaming console is being sold for less than $300 in the Australian market. A retailer, Dick Smith, is selling the device for an extremely low price from his stores, where $50 or more has been already slashed out. The device has been eagerly awaited in the electronic markets around the world, as it will feature 3D gaming atmosphere.

The 3D gaming experience is the first of its kind, as there is no other hand held gaming device which will feature 3D gaming without any special glasses. There are some bonus games already preloaded on the device, like the – Rayman 3D, Ghost Recon and Rabbids 3D.

Nintendo 3D’s official launch date has not yet been set, but it was unveiled recently. According to Dick Smith, the device will be on pre-order prices until the 30th of March only, for the company may soon release the device in the second quarter of 2011.