Sony confirms digital library access from any console for PS4


Japan-based multinational conglomerate corporation Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 users will be able to access their digital library of games from any PS4 console. This means that users will be allowed to log in on another PS4 for complete access to digital games.

Sony confirms digital library access from any console for PS4

Senior developer at Sony, Neil Brown explained that the system will allow users fast access to their digital libraries, from any PS4 anywhere, by simply logging into their PSN accounts. Brown said, “You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library, which is good.”

This functionality is quite similar to the one on the current-gen consoles, as they also allow remote access to PSN/Xbox Live accounts and the digitally-bought games, but Brown says that PS4 has the ability to play a game while it is being downloaded, which makes it viable. By using Play As You Download, players will get much faster access to the first part of the game, so they can start playing instantly.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will also allow access only to digital games, but players will not be able to access their physical retail games without having the discs, same as the PS4. Previously, Microsoft planned for Xbox One owners to have remote access to their library via a digital download, but that idea was dropped.

Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One will be released in November 2013, while Sony’s PS4 will be released during ‘holiday 2013’.