Xbox Live Games for the year 2010 revealed Microsoft Corp


Games Official: The list of Xbox Live Games for the year 2010 have been revealed by Microsoft Corp., and this is where it is known which games have been the most liked multirole games for the year. Major Nelson and his team are working really hard to find out which Live games have been on the top and performed the best in the year 2010.

He finally short listed a number of games which have done really well in the year 2010, but he also he mentioned these games will not be having a longevity or last for a nominally long period in the market. Call of Duty as usual has topped the list of the best Live game on web, and in addition to this it still one of the most favourite games in the market today.

The following is the list of Live games who have done really well in the year 2010 –

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops
2. Halo: Reach
3. Red Dead Redemption
4. Fable III
5. Battlefield: Bad Co. 2
6. Medal of Honor
7. Mass Effect 2
8. FIFA Soccer 11
9. Fallout: New Vegas
10. BioShock 2
11. Madden NFL 11
12. Splinter Cell Conviction
13. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
14. Dead Rising 2
15. Kinect Adventures!
16. NBA 2K11
17. Crackdown 2
18. Aliens vs Predator
19. Mafia II
20. Army of TWO: TFD