Gaming consoles prices may soon drop in the market


Games Official: Gaming consoles prices in the market may soon drop, this way it could be a good opportunity for many gamers to purchase their best gaming consoles which have always been expensive. The main highlight during the upcoming price drop will be the motion sensing consoles, which have always been expensive and this is the sole reason their sales have not yet boomed.

All the three gaming console manufacturers have projected to bring down the prices of their respective consoles. Microsoft may bring down the prices of the XBox 360 250GB to $299 from its current $399. Sony on the other hand is looking forward to bring its prices down too, and this is will surely alert Microsoft and Nintendo.

The Move bundle along with the PS3 will cost around $299 for the 160GB and $399 for the 320GB. Now one will wonder about Nintendo, but the company has not yet published any figures about its price drop, but they too should consider of bringing down the prices of the consoles.