Sony NGP aka PlayStation Pocket 2 will be priced around $300-350


Games Official: Sony Corp will be pricing the NGP or the PlayStation Pocket 2 around $300-350 in the US market. This is the latest gaming console by Sony and it was unveiled last week in Tokyo. Previously it was rumoured the device will be priced at $300, but the latest reports show it could cost between $300-350 in the market.

It is a technological milestone for the company as it is the first gaming console to be launched with a Wi-Fi and GPS on it. The possibilities of pricing the device could be as follows, the standard PSP2 will cost around $300 and the device with 3G and Wi-Fi will cost around $350.

A price tag of $350 is quite reasonable for a device that has 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and OLED touch screen. Nintendo 3DS on the other has 3D feature on it, and is priced at $250 only, here Sony will receive some strict competition from the Japanese device manufacturer. The NGP is powered with the quad-core Cortex A9 processor and also the PowerVR SGX543MP4+ graphic chips.