The top 5 Android-iOS games for the Christmas break


As Christmas inches closer there are a slew of games apps that are hitting the market. There are a lot of titles that are booming on the Apple iOS and Android devices.

 Some of the best games that will be released over the holiday season are:

  1. Alpha Zero – A space shooter game with some really good control mechanics. Drag the ship with one finger and shoot with the other. Guaranteed to keep your fingers busy for quite a while.
  2. Scribble Hero – An innovative shooting game with page creases. One of the coolest games to hit shelves. Mindless shooting and loads of fun.
  3. Anomaly Korea – The thrilling portable strategy game is back! This is the sequel to the game ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’. The sequel is bigger and better than its first rendition and will keep your brain occupied for hours.
  4. RAD Soldiers – From the guys who developed the game ‘Brink’, this is a turn-based tactics game that includes collectible heroes and multi-player online gaming. Beautiful is an understatement for this game.
  5. Minigore 2: Zombies – Killing Zombies is always awesome. Especially when you’re playing a cube-headed hero. A really good waste of time.

With games such as these users are going to spend Christmas with their fingers and brains occupied.