New Xbox features leaked – Hardware beefed up among other changes


UK-based magazine Xbox World has decided to go out with a bang and has leaked some precious information regarding Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox. According to reports, the Xbox 720 will feature a newer version of Kinect, along with an Audio/Video port designed for broadcast TV and a Blu-Ray drive.

According to Xbox World’s chief editor Dan Dawkins, the magazine has been covering most aspects of the future Xbox (code named Durango). Microsoft has not yet revealed any details of the latest version of Kinect, however certain sources have suggested that it may improve on accuracy, voice recognition, stereo imaging, as well as the ability to track four players faces simultaneously.

Apart from Kinect, a Blu-Ray drive has been much anticipated, as well as directional audio and features to record TV shows. Xbox World had also mentioned in February, 2012, that there is a newer Xbox on the cards which will contain a re-designed controller with a built-in HD touch screen.

Augmented reality glasses could also be in the pipeline according to some sources. The new Xbox is said to feature 8 GB of RAM along with 4 hardware cores which have been divided into a further four logical cores.

Gamers will now be eagerly looking forward to the release of the new console and its beefed up hardware, along with potential improvements it might make on existing models.

The Durango is rumored to be slated for a fall 2013 release, however Microsoft have not yet confirmed any dates.