Web app firm Particle acquired by Apple


The San Franciso-based creative consulting company ‘Particle’ has been taken over by Apple after finalizing the purchase late in September 2012. It has been noticed that Particle’s employees have now changed their designations on LinkedIn to reflect as ‘creative technologists’ and ‘user interface designers’.

From the acquisition of the 2008 founded Particle, it appears as though Apple has aimed at a group-hire rather as they have done with other recent purchases as well. Particle was in the news for having celebrity backing in the form of actor-singer Justin Timberlake, who had invested in the company and helped fund Robo.to, which was a short social video service.

The main strength of the consulting company is working with HTML5. They have worked with some big names in the past, including Google, Amazon, Sony, Yahoo, Motorola and Apple, among others. Some of the creative company’s work also includes Intervue.me, a video interviewing project.

In the past, many of Particle’s staff have worked with Yahoo on their user experience design group as well as their CTO having consulted for Apple between 2006 and 2008.

The main motivation behind Apple wanted to acquire the HTML5 company is that the IT giant has weighed in heavily on HTML5 on his product pages, including iAd advertising as well as iCloud.com, where Apple has Web based applications.