World of Warcraft movie to be released in March 2016


American video game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment’s highly popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) game World of Warcraft (WoW) is scheduled to get a big screen adaptation, however, it has been announced that the upcoming movie will be delayed by three months. The original release date has been planned for December 2015, but the official WoW Twitter account has confirmed that the eagerly anticipated movie will have its debut in March 2016 instead.

World of Warcraft to be released in March 2016

The latest announcement comes just one month after the studio confirmed its plans for the movie’s release at the annual Blizzcon event. The World of Warcraft movie was first announced back in 2006 and was supposed to be directed by Sam Raimi, however, Duncan Jones took over the director’s chair, which was confirmed earlier in 2013. In addition to that, various industry sources are stating that Hollywood star Colin Farrell is the front-runner for a leading role in the movie.

Even though he did not reveal much regarding the plot, Jones announced at Blizzcon that the story will be focusing on first contact between humans and orcs, while Lothar and Durotan will be two of the main characters in the movie.

Chris Metzen, the World of Warcraft story and franchise developer said, “Ultimately, both of these men are going to find themselves at this crux point of history and will be put to the test. Working with these two characters allowed us to tell this story in a much tighter way than we’ve been able to in the game. It’s been a really rewarding experience.”

Photo Credits: VideoGameGallery