PlayStation 4 launch: sign in problems reported in US and Canada


Japan-based multinational conglomerate corporation Sony has launched its highly anticipated console, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network users in the United States and Canada are facing difficulties signing in because of an influx of new PlayStation 4 owners who are attempting to log on, as well as download a day one update for the next-gen console. A number of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita owners who are trying to connect to PlayStation Network are getting error codes E-80E80034 and NW-31453-6.

PlayStation 4 launch sign in problems reported in US and Canada

Regarding this issue, the company said, “The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume. Some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting. We ask for your patience.” The next-gen console’s day one update – which is taking the device firmware 1.50 – allows a list of important system features, such as Remote Play, online multiplayer, ‘play as you download’, Blu-ray and DVD playback, gameplay sharing, party chat and second screen capabilities.

The company warned that some features might not be available at launch, such as the ‘suspend/resume mode’ which was announced earlier and enables PlayStation 4 to rest in a low power mode, capable of continuing gameplay right away upon startup.

Following the console’s launch in United States and Canada, Sony is scheduled to release its PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29, 2013.

Photo Credits: PS4Daily