PlayStation 4’s post-launch update to feature MP3 and DLNA support


Japanese tech giant Sony is just days away from launching its highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 and Shuhei Yoshida, the company’s President of Worldwide Studios has stated that Sony will – at some point – add MP3, music CD, as well as DLNA server support to its next-gen console. He confirmed that the company was ‘caught off guard’ by the chaos that occurred after Sony announced that it would not support such basic media features at launch.

PlayStation 4's post-launch update to feature MP3 and DLNA support

Yoshida explained that the biggest surprise for Sony’s team was that many people had a passionate reaction to the fact that there would be no MP3 and DLNA support on day one. He said, “We didn’t really think about MP3 or DLNA. We always thought that we’re going to do that eventually – we’ve been doing it with all the [PlayStation] products. So it caught us off guard. People don’t really talk about these features but when we say we don’t have it some people get really mad and [say], ‘I cancelled the pre-order’.”

Yoshida confirmed that the teams in Japan and United States are currently working on putting these features on the upcoming PlayStation 4. Additionally, Sony has announced that the next-gen console users can overlay music on top of audio in the game itself, by using Music Unlimited.

Sony’s PS4 is scheduled to be released on November 15, 2013 in the US and on November 29, 2013 in Europe and Latin America.

Photo Credits: TechRadar