Ouya’s launch title TowerFall scores high sales


TowerFall, an archery arena indie video game and one of Ouya’s flagship launch titles released on June 25, 2013, has sold ‘surprisingly well’, according to Matt Thorson, its developer. Ouya is a video game console that is running its own version of the Android OS and the project was founded in 2012, by a game industry veteran Julie Uhrman.

Ouya's launch title TowerFall scores high sales

Thorson revealed that they have made around 2,000 sales so far, at $15 each, which is surprisingly high for a brand new game on a brand new console. He went on to say that TowerFall has definitely proven itself on Ouya and he believes that there is sufficient demand to warrant bringing it to PC as well.

On the other hand, the Ouya version of Nimble Quest managed to score 6,508 downloads and 122 purchases, as well as $427 profit. David Marsh, co-founder at NimbleBit, Nimble Quest developer, said that they released the game on Ouya because they were using Unity and it was a snap to port it.

Marsh went on to praise the Android-powered console by saying, “I would wholeheartedly recommend the OUYA to indie devs that have an existing pipeline to Android and are interested in what the OUYA does. It’s probably not going to be a huge source of income compared to other platforms, but it’s dead easy to submit a game and get it into the store.”

The Ouya console launched in March 2013 for Kickstarters and in June 2013 at retail and it has reportedly sold out at many US retailers.

Photo Credit: Droid Life