Zynga’s CityVille is predicted to cross 100 million users per month


The Inside Social Games (ISG) reports that Zynga’s another game called CityVille also has become the favourite amongst the Facebook lovers. Its previous game, FarmVille had already done wonders by bringing in as many as 83.8 million players on monthly basis last year. It had happened just within nine months of its launch and now CityVille too brings a whopping 84.2 million monthly players within a span of just one month.

FarmVille has undoubtedly been the most popular application of Facebook but recently the players of this have declined drastically. The number now stands, is 58 million. This change took place after this social networking site limited its notification spam on which the game’s viral growth was dependent.

According to ISG, CityVille will have more than 100 million monthly users in the near future. Currently its daily users are 14.8 million. The best part of this game is that it has been launched in various languages including English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

Source: Gamasutra