Xbox One to receive system updates in February and March 2014


When American multinational corporation Microsoft launched its highly anticipated next-gen console – the Xbox One – the device experienced a number of UI and OS issues, just like any other console on the market. However, the situation was slightly different with the Xbox One, especially when it is taken into consideration how right the company had gotten it with the release of the original Xbox, as well as the Xbox 360 from the very beginning.

Xbox One to receive system updates in February and March 2014

When users of the Xbox One started complaining about the next-gen console’s OS, Microsoft promised to deliver an update that would fix the reported issues and the company is finally ready to offer the long promised solution. It has been reported that Microsoft has decided to split the upcoming update into two installments and not only one.

The first update is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 and it will bring plenty of behind the scene fixes, which will add the much-needed stability to the OS. In addition to that, it will have certain immediate changes that will be visible to the end user straight away. The Xbox One will be featuring Storage Management, which will enable users to see how much space they have left, as well as manage their game and app installations. Moreover, the battery indicator will be available again and players will know how much battery charge their controller has left.

The second update is set to go live on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 and it will be dealing with the issues related to the console’s social features before Titanfall’s release. This update will try to fix the problems with the next-gen device’s party and multiplayer systems.

Photo Credits: Media-Edge